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Featured User Profile: Barry Blum, Chief Sound Designer at 3DO

Barry Blum is a professional Composer/Sound designer presently working for The 3DO Company, a top video game developer.

Barry Blum at his system using Digital Ear.
He says: "The applications of Digital Ear are limitless..."

Here is what he says: "I take special care in creating my own sound palette for sound effects and for music creation. It is very important to have your own distinctive style in this business and towards that end, sound designers need the best tools to get the job done."

And he continues: "Nothing is better, richer or more complex that the sounds that happen in the real world, such as talking, animal groans or even the Doppler effect of a passing car. Capturing these real world events and applying the result to any audio data has been up till now, very difficult. This is what has attracted me to DigitalEar because it's the best tool I have seen to accurately capture pitch, brightness and volume data and then apply those sound features to any audio file. I can't tell you how valuable this can be to a sound designer! You have to hear what this software can do."

"Presently, I am using DigitalEar to capture bird songs. This bird data will be used in coming projects to create voice effects with a much richer brush stroke than I had before! The applications are limitless..."

About Barry Blum:

Barry Blum has been in the industry since 1989 working for various companies such as SEGA, Gametek, 3DO and as an independent composer.

Before the game industry, he was a recording artist and an award winning record producer, for labels such as RCA, Fantasy, Megatone etc. At 3DO, he  manages all audio content creation from Sound Design and Composing to Scoring for their full motion videos. He has contributed to High Heat Baseball, Heros of Might and Magic 4, Dragon Rage, Warriors of Might and Magic, Sarge's Heros, Armymen 3D, Cubix, Battletanks, Mad Trix, Portal Runner, Shifters, and World Destruction League. At SEGA, he worked on Sonic Spinball and Jurassic Park.

You can reach Barry Blum at: barry.blum@3do.com

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